Blogging — It’s Good for You

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In response to Blogging — It’s Good for You from Scientific American:

I have been writing blogs since 2004, both in Chinese and English. I maintain multiple blogs to share different aspects of my many interests with the world, including music, movie, literature, science, and most importantly, life. I always find writing to be very therapeutic. When I feel disheartened, I write something, anything, to lift it off my chest. I always feel better soon after. Unlike a personal journal, a blog is an open medium. When I get feedback from my friends or even random visitors from the web, I feel excited and enoucraged to keep on writing. I never doubt the emotional and psychological benefit of blogging.

But now apparently blogging is good for you physically as well. Researches show that blogging improves memory and sleep, boost immunity, reduce viral loads in AIDS patients, and promote recovery after a surgery. Now the scientists are investigating the neurological underpinning of blogging. However, brain-imaging techniques do not provide reliable information because the results have been hard to duplicate.

Cancer patients are encouraged to blog, because blogging is similar to expressive writing, which help them cope with the stress of going through treatment. In addition, blogs have the added benefit of “receptive readers in similar situation” that form a supportive community.

Expression through writing and the forming a community are good for you. And speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that it is so true…


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