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Hydrogen Fuel Cell

While the petrolium fuel price is skyrocketing with no end in sight, the search for a reliable alternative energy source is essential. Hydrogen is one of the most popular candidates.

So how does a hydrogen fuel cell work? (more…)


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Bacteria: Energy Source of the Future

With the price of oil skyrocketing and the world facing a serious energy crisis, alternative sources of energy are in high demand. In the wake of the global warming issue, renewable energy is even a more desirable power source. Microbial fuel cells use bacteria to generate electricity and clean wastewater at the same time. Although microbial fuel cells did not receive much attention because the amount of energy they generate is too low to be of use, improvements over the years make this potential energy source a valuable research topic in the field of biotechnology.

What is a Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC)?

Microbial fuel cells, or biological fuel cells, use bacteria to convert chemical energy in biodegradable materials such as wastewater pollutants into electricity. The bacteria consume the pollutants, releasing electrons which flow through a circuit and generate electricity. In this process of power generation, pollutants are broken down, and clean water is produced.

How does it work?


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